Designer Brands We Select to Work with to Create Desirable Unique Quality Inspired Designed Interiors across Staffordshire & Cheshire.

Creating bespoke unique interiors requires access to a wide range of quality brands and products that do not on the whole appear in High Street or major chain stores. 

At FunkyWunkyDooDahs Limited we believe that quality is key to achieving each clients desired outcome - whether that's the whole room, whole house or single items such as made to measure curtains, blinds, or a bespoke sofa or chair in one of our fabulous designer brand fabrics. Or our stocked designer branded wallpapers or paints, or individually sourced pieces of furniture, lighting, lamps, rugs or accessories.

We strive to help you create an interior that you will love and your friends will envy.

FunkyWunkyDooDahs Ltd - Inspired Interiors