Decisions, Decisions ....Interior Designers Take the Frustration Out of Decision Making.

Creating a new look for a room, house or apartment can be exciting. But for some this can be daunting, frustrating & confusing with endless choices and decision making. If more than one person uses the space and they are involved in decision making the process can become even more complex & may lead to conflicts arising.

Take colour schemes ....just think for a minute or yellow or pink or green, orange or purple or blue .....just these colors can add too many choices, but throw in all the shades (ahhhmmmm.....excuse me Madam ....I wasn't just thinking of the fifty shades of grey....) then the choices rapidly multiply. Throw in all the combinations of colour and your head may begin to reel. Throw in pattern and ohhhhhhhh the choices can be overwhelming!

Texture here's another barage of choices - natural, soft, rough, rugged, sleek, shiny, smooth...

Style - modern, vintage, shabby chic, Victorian, Edwardian, Baroque, retro, Arts & Crafts, Scandinavian, New York Loft Apartment, country, classic, Art Nouveau, minimalist.....

Function of the room ....will it meet your physical needs, social needs, psychological needs (feelings) people needs, animal needs?

FunkyWunkyDooDahs Limited interior designers or stylists can help walk you through the design process, look at all of the elements within design and help to guide you towards selecting schemes and styles that not only look and feel great, but importantly also work for you, the room or your home and the people who use it.

Cost Savings Too!  - Interior Designers and stylists should be able to steer you away from making costly mistakes such as buying furniture too large for the space, avoiding "sale bargains" that simply don't work with your style or you'll tire of quickly, avoiding colour or patterns that don't work. These can all be costly mistakes that we at FunkyWunkyDooDahs Limited can help you avoid.

Making Your Design a Reality. FunkyWunkyDooDahs Limited can ensure the design vision becomes a reality by project managing the process for you. No need to worry we can arrange supply of goods and trades people to ensure your project is completed as smoothly and timely as possible with minimal stress to you.
From supply of goods for the design such as paint, wall paper, fabric, curtains, blinds, shutters, lighting, furniture, flooring, upholstery, rugs, pictures, mirrors and accessories. Plus sourcing other fabulous and bespoke items. To creation of the elements for the room with our team of curtain and blind makers & upholsterers. To organising decorators, electricians, carpet or flooring fitters and other trades to ensure the make over of your room or house happens and that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the process.

Want to Enjoy the Process of Making over a Room, House or Apartment? The call in FunkyWunkyDooDahs Limited to design and deliver an Inspired Interior just for you. 

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